Hardin County Crime Victims' Assistance Center

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Who We Are

THE HARDIN COUNTY CRIME VICTIMS’ ASSISTANCE CENTER (formerly the Women and Children’s Shelter Outreach, formed in Oct. 1991), was renamed in April 1992.Originally, it was formed as a result of the Women and Children’s Shelter desiring to serve victims of domestic violence in the surrounding six counties.  They wrote a grant that brought two VISTA Volunteers to Kountze.  VISTA Volunteers are the same as Peace Corps Volunteers, but they are stationed in the United States. We than began to see the need to serve victims of all violent crimes. Another grant was written to ensure the agency would be staffed adequately.  It was through a VOCA (Victims of Crime Acts) grant that this was made possible, supplying funds for salaries and some mileage.  The success of this grant was tremendous.  The agency now has a reputation for providing quality services to individual’s ad their families who would not otherwise have means of obtaining assistance for various problems.  Currently we are in our seventeenth year of funding (2007). We also have received funding from other grant sources such a VAWA (Violence Against Women Act).            Since its inception, the agency has prided itself on having the insight and ability to cross any barrier within its means, and have not yet found one problem that could not be dealt with, unless the clients were not willing to help themselves.  This is one job that all of us would like to see end.  But will violence end?            Growth at Hardin County Crime Victims’ Assistance Center has been steady.  We want to do what we say we can do, and do it well. Of course this growth could not have occurred without the assistance of many other sources and especially you the volunteer.  Early in our history we were in what was not recognized as a profession; and at the same time, an unpopular cause.  Many did not realize how many victims of violent crimes there were, with sexual assault and domestic violence being at the top of the list.            The agency is still writing its history through its employees, volunteers and the services that is provides.  This agency can be proud of the fact that it is overseen by a county, those who run it and citizens who are willing to take action on behalf of those who are suffering.  I think it would still be easy at this time in our history, when violent crime is in the spotlight, to forget that violence affects millions of individuals and their families, but we have chosen to remember our mission:TO LESSEN THE TRAUMA SUFFERED BY VICTIMS AND THEIR FAMILIES AND TO PORMOTE A COORDINATED PUBLIC AND PRIVATE EFFORT TO AID CRIME VICTIMS AND ENHANCE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF DELIVERED SERVICES IN HARDIN COUNTY.